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Ka Lei O Ka Lanikila Race sponsored by Healani Canoe Club

Mahalo to the crews for racing and supporting Healani Canoe Club!

Race results are posted here.


Join the members of Healani Canoe Club for the annual Ka Lei O Ka Lanikila race on the south shore held on Sunday, May 22, 2022.

***Registration Link & Race Flyer can be found here.

Race Background: Ka Lei O Ka Lanakila translates to "The Lei of Victory". We, the members of Healani Canoe Club, paddle around Mokauea island as part of our training grounds, as if we are replicating a lei around the island. Our race was inspired by the Tahitian races, we wanted to incorporate their finish line and race styles because we felt that we wanted it to be more spectator friendly than other races. As we are racing we are entertained, but our focus was to also entertain those that are on the beach supporting the paddlers. To enhance the entertainment aspect as a viewer, we run our course close to shore and have multiple laps. We also encourage spectators to walk to shore and cheer on their crews and they pass by. During the final lap we encourage all to spectators to once again come to shore but with flowers and toss them over crews as they finish as if like a Lei. We want all paddlers, regardless of placement, to feel the excitement when finishing their race. Our finale at the racecourse is we build a flower arch for canoes to cross under as a true finish line.

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OHCRA is proud to announce the unveiling of the Pae`aina Challenge, to be held from October 1 - 9, 2022 in concert with the Aloha Festivals, celebrating 70 years of canoe racing history. Events include festivities on and off the water, culminating in a canoe expo and a two-stage international distance race for men and women of all ages.

Follow @OHCRA or @PaeAinaChallenge on social media to keep up to date on details on the coming races.