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Malama Mokauea Race Sponsored by New Hope Canoe Club

New Hope Canoe Club will host its 7th Annual Malama Mokauea Outrigger Canoe Race on Saturday, May 25th at the Mauliola (Sand Island) canoe site.  The theme for this years race is, Health and Healing.

The race features a long and a short course in the waters of Mauliola/Keehi and goes around Mokauea and Mokuoeo island.  Mokauea is the offshore, tiny jewel of an island that was once the sacred fishing grounds of the Kamehameha ohana.  Today It is considered the last fishing village on Oahu.  Currently, there are ongoing educational programs conducted on the island for school age youth and the community.  They learn about the rich history of Ke`ehi and the many aspects of marine life, reefs, care of fishponds, native/invasive plants, respecting the environment etc.  Outrigger canoes are used to transport these students to and from Mokauea.  As the community learns about the value of Mokauea and what it brings to our youth in its unique environment, the more chance it has to be left undeveloped, as a living classroom.

This years race features double hulled canoes, rudderless V1s/V3s of Tahitian design and 6-person outrigger canoes. Divisions will feature junior crews (15-18yo) up to senior masters crews (70yo). New Hope will have a race gift, medals, food and entertainment after the race. Our famous raffel table will be full to the brim with all kinds of treasures. Race fee will be $180 per crew. Please tell your canoe club about our OHCRA sponsored race and come and join the fun.

*** Registration Link & Race Flyer can be found here.

Race Background: The name of our race is Malama Mokauea as we have partnered with the Mokauea fishermens association to help with the care and maintenance of Oahus last fishing village. It was an important cultural and historical site and continues to provide marine education and conservation to our youth and community.

After serving Mokauea Island for 7 years, next year we will embrase the entire Ke`ehi Malama Ke`ehi Race (Na Moku o Ke`ehi - Mokauea, Mokuo`eo, and Kahaka`aulana) We are fortunate to paddler in the wake of our Hawaiian ancestors and prepetuating the rich mo`olelo of Ke`ehi.

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