Distance Crew Registration Process

There is a new and improved process to register a crew for this years long distance race similar to what is being done for regatta season and moving forward. We understand the process is new and can be confusing but will make things much more transparent and give everyone some doses of instant gratification that weve gotten accustom to in the regatta season. As crews are entered into the database they can also be found on the distance results page showing you the overall amount of crews participating and what the divisional breakdown is. This process will also speed up how soon results can be posted to the same page. To get to the distance results page, go to and click the "Distance Results" link on the top left hand margin.

To register your crews for ANY of the long distance season races across the state, please go to and follow these steps:
1. Click on RD LD at the top left corner and login with your credentials as stated on the page. (All HCRA registered paddlers have access. )
2. Select the desired race from the drop down menu
3. Select the desired division from the next drop down menu
4. Select desired canoe from the drop-down list
5. Select paddlers names from drop-down list. Per OHCRA race rules, all paddlers must be members of the same club. (Please have your club secretaries request transfers as needed.) 

Once the list states crew full, you are finished and may continue to fill the next crew using this same method.

*Please note, lists are filtered as you make your selections. When a Mens race is selected, only Men will be populated into the list of paddlers. When a division is selected, only the appropriate canoe and aged paddlers will be available for selection. (i.e. if you pick a Mens Jrs crew ONLY valid Mens Jrs ages 15-18 will be available), only If a canoe is not available for selection, it has either not been weighted for the calendar year, not entered by your association OR already in use by another crew.

A How-to-guide can be found in our Documents / Registration Docs Tab or at this LINK

For Escort Boat submission: please fill out this: Escort Boat Google Submission form and complete all fields. If updating documents, submit to the following email:

Note: you will need the following information BEFORE submitting:
1. Captains Boater Certificate (issued after taking the online boating course) or Boaters License
2. Captain HCRA Waiver
3, Captains OHCRA Escort Boat Waiver
4. Captains Insurance Policy (Must state dates of policy and amount of coverage)
5. When emailing documents, indicate Club Name, Canoe Name, and Race entering (Dukes Men, Dad Center Women, etc.)

- Team Kokua