HCRA Escort Boat Insurance


Are you in need of sufficient escort boat insurance coverage? Purchase insurance coverage for day of races via HCRA for $100 for the entire calendar year via the link below.

**OHCRA requires a minimum coverage of $300,000 to participate as an escort during any of our races.


All motorized vessels on the race course will be required to fill out the following form and submit a $100 fee online for vessel coverage for the entire calendar year.

The vessel is covered under the HCRA Policy but each and every captain of the boat is required to sign an HCRA Waiver and provide their captains license or certification.

You must have ALL of the following information in order to complete this form. It will NOT allow you to proceed if you are missing any of the following information:
          1. HA Number
          2. Boat owners legal name
          3. A copy of the captains license or certificate
          4. A signed copy of the current HCRA insurance waiver by both the captain and the vessel owner
          5. Pay a $100 fee

To see if the HA number of the vessel has already been registered for the current calendar year, please follow this link: