Oahu Championship Regatta sponsored by OHCRA


The Oahu Championship Regatta is a cornerstone event in the Hawaiian outrigger canoe racing calendar, organized by the Oahu Hawaiian Canoe Racing Association (OHCRA). This prestigious regatta marks the culmination of the racing season, bringing together the best paddling teams from across Oahu to compete for the island's top honors.

The history of the Oahu Championship Regatta dates back several decades, reflecting the growth and evolution of the sport in Hawaii. It was established to provide a grand finale to the competitive season, offering a platform for clubs to showcase their skill, endurance, and teamwork. The regatta typically takes place in late summer, serving as a highly anticipated event that draws both participants and spectators in large numbers.

Throughout its history, the Oahu Championship Regatta has been held at various iconic locations around the island, including Keehi Lagoon and Kailua Beach. Each venue provides a unique and challenging setting for the races, contributing to the regatta's storied legacy. The competition includes a variety of race categories, accommodating different age groups and skill levels, from keiki (children) to kupuna (elders).

Over the years, the Oahu Championship Regatta has been a stage for memorable performances and fierce rivalries among Oahu's canoe clubs. It has played a vital role in promoting the sport of outrigger canoe racing, preserving Hawaiian cultural traditions, and fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among paddlers.

The regatta is also known for its festive atmosphere, with cultural displays, food booths, and entertainment adding to the excitement of the racing events. Families and friends gather to cheer on their favorite teams, celebrating the spirit of aloha and the rich maritime heritage of Hawaii.

As the premier event organized by OHCRA, the Oahu Championship Regatta embodies the association's mission to promote excellence in paddling, uphold the values of sportsmanship, and honor the cultural legacy of Hawaiian outrigger canoe racing. It continues to inspire new generations of paddlers, ensuring that the tradition of the sport thrives for years to come.

This is the last regatta of our OHCRA season and the last change to qualify for the State Championship Regatta. To see where your club and crew stands after the 5 other qualifying races, check  and click the "Regatta Results" link on the left. Scroll down to the OHCRA results at the bottom and click the "Standings" button. Good Luck to all clubs and crews...

The Oahu Hawaiian Canoe Racing Association (OHCRA) has a rich history rooted in the preservation and promotion of traditional Hawaiian outrigger canoe paddling. Founded in 1979, OHCRA was established to provide a unified organizational structure for the many canoe clubs on Oahu, fostering a spirit of competition and camaraderie while honoring the cultural heritage of the sport.

The formation of OHCRA was driven by a collective desire among Oahu’s canoe clubs to standardize race rules, ensure fair competition, and organize high-quality regattas and long-distance races. By bringing together a diverse array of clubs under one umbrella, OHCRA sought to elevate the sport, promote safety, and enhance the overall experience for paddlers and spectators alike.

One of OHCRA’s early achievements was the creation of a comprehensive race schedule that included both regatta-style sprint races and challenging long-distance events. This schedule provided a structured competitive environment that allowed paddlers to showcase their skills and endurance across a variety of race formats. The association also played a crucial role in organizing and overseeing the prestigious Oahu Championship Regatta, which serves as the culminating event of the racing season and a highlight of the competitive calendar.

Over the decades, OHCRA has remained committed to its core mission of preserving Hawaiian cultural traditions. The association emphasizes the importance of respect for the ocean, the canoes, and the paddling community, reflecting the values of aloha (love), ohana (family), and kuleana (responsibility). OHCRA’s events often include cultural components, such as traditional chants and ceremonies, that honor the rich heritage of outrigger canoe paddling.

In addition to its focus on competition and cultural preservation, OHCRA has been instrumental in promoting youth participation in the sport. The association supports programs that introduce young paddlers to the fundamentals of canoe racing, ocean safety, and environmental stewardship. By nurturing the next generation of paddlers, OHCRA ensures the continuity of the sport and its cultural significance.

Today, OHCRA continues to be a leading force in the Hawaiian outrigger canoe racing community. With numerous affiliated clubs and thousands of members, the association organizes and sanctions a wide range of events that draw participants from across the Hawaiian Islands and beyond. Through its dedication to excellence, tradition, and community, OHCRA has secured its place as a cornerstone of Hawaiian outrigger canoe paddling, inspiring paddlers of all ages and preserving a treasured aspect of Hawaiian heritage.